Sunday, April 17, 2011

Buda+Pest = Budapest

So, it has been about two weeks since this trip. Sorry about the lateness :)
Anyway, March 31st to April 3rd I was on a trip to Budapest that some from friends and I organized. We booked a bus for something like three in the afternoon and it took six hours to get there. The ride to our hostel was not bad at all. We slept and played cards, watched a movie and talked with each other. When we got there it was pretty late and the guy who was waiting to check us in was a bit of a creeper and kept asking a girl in our group really personal questions (it now has become a running joke to ask each other these same questions) the room was a bit cramped and the beds kinda sucked, but it was cheap and worked for why we needed it, so w/e. After we settled in, myself and a friend tried to find Internet access so that we could skype with people, after no success...I was walking around the streets with my laptop and he with his iPod touch...we joined the group at a club called Sempla (or something like that). The clubs in the area were really cool, I guess it is cheaper to buy an entire building rather than to rent one floor so these clubs had multiple floors and bars, it was pretty dope!
Friday we got up around 10:00 and had breakfast consisting of cappuccinos and cheese croissants...then we saw a beautiful synagogue. The inside was so incredible with truly amazing colors! Then we walked along the city and went to a flea market that sold lots of food and other things, all inside of this old building. We got some lunch and left. It started to rain a little bit but we met some other friends for dinner and drinks. We went and saw a concert and danced at this interesting club with a cool ceiling that reacted to the lights in the club in some crazy ways. The first guy we saw sucked. He was a rapper with some accompanying music that was just bad. Then there were two female artists and they were much better. Afterward we all went back to the hostel and went to bed.
Saturday I felt like crap. I woke up and new that I was sick, i had had a scratchy throat before but chose to ignore it, but Saturday it was bad. Not to mention my stomach hated me! But I hauled my ass out of bed, had some breakfast and went with everyone to a park called Hero's park that hosted an outdoor flea market. I didn't end up buying anything but it was still cool. Before that we had visited a camera store that had incredibly cheap old cameras, again I didn't buy anything but they were so cheap and cool that everyone bought more than one. After the flea market I went back to the hostel, I was just feeling to sick. Of course when I got there I had a key to the apartment, but not our actual I waited in the "lobby" with the owner who was on the phone. I fell asleep, nut he woke me up and let my inside so I could sleep on the bed. For dinner I met everyone and we went to some really awful place that didn't clean their tables, took forever with the food, screwed up our order, was probably owned by the Hungarian mafia, and had this ridiculous live jazz band that was as awful as the food. They walked around the restaurant and awkwardly sang to people, I told our group not to make eye contact with them...
Sunday we were catching our bus back to Prague when my friend realized that half of our group had the wrong return date on their tickets! It was crazy. There were no open seats so they had to stay behind and hope to get on a later one, which luckily they did! The bus ride back was terrible. I felt so sick and it seemed to drag on for ages, but thankfully we got back before the metro stopped running. And so I got home and fell into bed!

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