Saturday, March 26, 2011

Namesti Miru Flea Market

Today I went with two friends to a flea market located just off of the Metro stop Namesti Miru. It was full of really cool things. It looked like museums had emptied out their basements onto the ground. There were clothes, watches, authentic miniatures beautiful relics, weird dolls, retro neon roller skates...I mean they had everything. I ended up buying two shirts and a hat, pretty mundane stuff, but thankfully the flea market opens the last saturday of every month. this being the first time it opened since before winter I thought It was okay that I didn't blow all of the money I had the first time I went. I think I will be getting my presents for people there. I was able to do a bit of haggling and got the price down, my first time doing it...definitely NOT my last!

I was just so Impressed by the stuff that was being sold I mean there were some serious treasures there. I am sad because I know that I do not have enough room in my trunk to take much home with me but I wish I did, because I wanted to purchase everything I saw. If you ever visit Prague, I would really recommend you go, it was just awesome! I mean old cameras and lenses, sunglasses, beer steins, metal plates and cups and silverware, jewelry (artisan made), scarves, books, clocks, vintage hunters would have a heart attack and I know most of my friends back home would flip cow pies if they saw what was up.

Tonight I am going to see a movie that is part of an international film festival taking place in Prague. I think the movie itself is in Italian, but there will be English subtitles (hooray!). can't wait!

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