Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting There

Tuesday Morning. day after Valentine's day. Finally got the F***ING VISA! Dad bought the plane ticket for Wednesday. The next morning went to New York and picked up the visa, almost didn't get it; apparently the Czech Embassy is "Closed" Wed., because they work SO hard the rest of the week..., went to the airport and got on the flight.

Wednesday Evening/Thursday Morn. On the plane. I knew I was going to be sitting behind wining, screaming kids whose parents no ENTIRE family thinks they are entitled to all of the room they could possibly take up. w/e I used the knitting doll I got as a going away present from Sheila :)...for ten hours :( arrived in vienna somehow, went through customs and onto my next flight to Prague.

Thursday Afternoon. First thing I did when i got my luggage was visit the ladies' room. An Older woman walks in on me and is surprised...but takes about ten min. to close the door again all the while saying something to me in what I think was Czech (probably: "lock the door you idiot!") oh, how embarrassing! I wait another fifteen minutes after she leaves the bathroom to get out of the stall for fear of running into her again, ha, then gather my belongings and yet again go through the authorities and I am in Prague!!!
The first thing I notice when I get outside: Holy S**t it's cold. tttthhen I catch a cab and the driver starts shaking his head vigorously in some kind of anger or disappointment, im not sure which, at the weight of my bag (mind you, I have only one bag of luggage and one backpack...I thought I was quite the Girl Scout) but he was obviously not happy with me. So, me not speaking all...and he not speaking too much english, I showed him the address I needed to go to on a piece of paper. The cab was fast, but I feel like most european drivers are, and I got to the location of the flat that I am in. it is small, and not what I expected, but it has everything that I need...just not everything I want :)

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