Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Czech in the Nude

Today was a good day! it started out very well, I woke up in a good mood, listened to some Harry Potter on tape, and took off for drawing class. when I got there I was a bit late and so there was not a easel left for me to use. I pretty much got in everyone's way for a min. before settling down on a spot on the ground. As soon as I sat down this old woman who was one of the models for class started to speak very loudly at me and I couldn't understand a thing she was saying! It was very funny, I started looking for help from the other students but they just looked at me and I couldnt help myself from laughing because here this naked model was getting in a fuss over something I didn't even understand! oh man, I feel like that is a classic experience :) eventually I got a spot and did a full size drawing (In this class, by the end of the period you have to have attempted to finish a large drawing). For lunch a few of us went for pizza. It is hard to find cheap food in Prague 1. It is so touristy, so some things are pricey. Beer flows like water though, ha! you can get a glass of beer for as much as water from a vending machine, it's crazy. The last class of the day was a book making class. very simple, I think they dummed it down for the foreigners...but still interesting. I made myself a egg and ham sandwich for dinner, and a banana :).

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