Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home Sweet Holešovice

So the apartment that I live in is located in Prague 7. not to far from the place where most people visit (prague 1) it is twenty min. by subway, but hard to navigate. Day 1 (Friday) I was trying to get to my new school but got lost after I left the subway station because I didn't understand the street signs. found it eventually and got to meet some other exchange students on a tour of the city that the school gave us. I also ate at this great little pub and ordered a tuna and cheese baguette...when they gave it to me it was HUGE!!! I could only finish half of think a five dollar foot long is a good deal? well this sandwich was definitely a bit bigger and only about four fifty, and coke was like a buck! After hoofing it around the city for a while with new friends, went back home to Holesovice but not before picking up some food for dinner and three banana's from the corner which no one speaks english...I still have so much to do, but I keep getting can imagine how distracting a foreign country can be...

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