Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Weekend

OK. It's monday now, but lets talk about the weekend! Saturday morning was fine I got up made a list of stuff I had to do, did some of them, walked around Prague and discovered some streets that had very helpful shops on them. Then around 9pm (CET) I headed out to a housewarming party I had been invited to by a fellow exchange student. It was a few tram stops away and I ended up bumping into a student I had met the day before headed to the same place. The party was fun, it was much like a MICA party (if you have ever been to one) except everyone smokes their cigarettes indoors instead of moving to the balcony (did I mention that you can smoke in pubs too?). At first I hung out on the couch with the few people that I did know, but then a girl approached me and started asking about Baltimore. So by the end of the party at the house I had a group of friends from the Czech Republic and was persuaded to go to two different clubs and didnt get home until around was pretty sweet.

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