Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Czech it

Sorry for the late post, but lots have been happening. nothing too exciting but since a few days ago I have become severely addicted to cappuccinos. They just taste so darn good and are served everywhere. I mean you can get 'em anywhere you can buy beer pretty much. I have gotten lost in Prague (mostly on purpose) and discovered a little coffee shop in a side street, it was a little pricey but well worth it, and found an art supply store that had everything I needed. It was a good week, but I have slowly begun to run out of food. The bad thing about grabbing a drink with a friend in the afternoon is that it soon turns into two drinks and then I feel hungry. So I go home and eat almost everything that I have just bought! ha its kinda funny....but really kinda not. Something that I have been asked a lot is "what's the food like in the Czech Republic?" well it is very much like food you would find anywhere else. Not that it has been Americanized but, it is just normal. They have a lot of different Baguettes, my favorite being Tuňák a sýr with tomatoes, sliced bell peppers and this mystery sauce. I guess if I would name something specifically it would be Guláš. They do have carts that sell gigantic sausages...but I mean you would really just compare that to a hotdog stand.

I do have a story, I was trying to meet some friends for a drink and to listen to music on thursday of last week and I somehow got on the wrong tram. I ended up about 30 min away from where I wanted to be! Ha ha ha I still haven't figured out how to read the signs for the trams, but I think I am a bit better now heh. When I finally did end up meeting everyone it wasnt the music we had all anticipated, it was supposed to be jazz (or that is what the flyer said) but ended up being salsa kind of music. that was fine, we all ended up sitting and talking to each other which was really nice :). I have now been to three clubs in Prague in one week. The first I cannot remember the name, the second Akropolis, and the third Chapeau Rouge!


  1. Are things more expensive there or about the same?

  2. I think that mostly they are about the same, but some things are much cheeper, like Beer. It depends on where you go, in the city it is the same. outside the city, cheaper for sure :)