Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Tuesday after a drawing class in the morning I met some friends back in Zizkov for a meat festival. It was not as exciting as I had hoped, but there were a few stands that were giving out sausages, pastries and beer for FREE! That part was really cool. There was also some music and a parade.
I got some free pastries but the lines for the free sausage and beer was a little too long, so I ended up buying sausage and beer from another stand that was selling it. The sausage was really big and I couldn't finish the whole thing!...partly because it was so huge and partly because it was a bit gross. The beer was good though :) The weather for it was really nice, mostly. It got a bit dark and dreary towards the end. The costumes that people where wearing were great. There was a half man and half cow, some herders, large and small bicycle riders, guys on stilts. The music wasnt half bad, but it was mostly directed towards kids, so a little boring.
The day ended when the Parade reached its final destination and there was some more music and free food...and beer. Ha.

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