Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kostnice Sedlec

Saturday was a day full of adventure. I woke up early to meet friends at the Hlavní nádraží train station where we purchased tickets to go to a town called Kutná Hora about an hour away from Prague. The trains are really cool looking in the Czech Republic. They are very old looking but seem like they could withstand a significant bomb blast! In each train car there are separate compartments, like the one in Harry potter....(I know i'm going to get flak for that). When we got onto the platform and boarded the train there were no empty compartments except for in first class, so a bunch of us just said "what the hell" and took them. of course about 45min into the train ride we got kicked out of first class and had to stand up. This really wasn't so bad. The Czech country side is beautiful. I felt so calm and listened to music while staring out the open window at the scenery. Besides getting harassed every so often by an attendant that we were standing in the wrong place the train was super pleasant!

Upon arriving at our destination we debarked the train and Made for a church called the Kostnice Sedlec (Sedlec Ossuary). The basement of the church is full of bones. The ossuary is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people!! The cemetary upon which the church is situated i guess was overflowing with bones and the church employed some guy to arrange them in the basement. what came out of it was a creepy shrine like design which included a bone chandelier and many other interesting arrangements...
The church itself is small so it didn't take much time to see all that there was to see inside so we left (but not before I tried to pry a tooth from one of the skull's mouth) we grabbed lunch a rather long walk from the Ossuary but the place at which we stopped was completely in Czech and the Prices were super cheap, the food was good too.

We lounged in a nearby park for a while then caught a train back to Prague. Overall an awesome day!

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