Monday, March 7, 2011


It was a fairly good weekend. Didnt do much on Saturday, but Sunday was great! Woke up and made myself some breakfast, a kind of scrambled french toast dish, that was an experiment but actually turned out really tasty. relaxed for a while and in the afternoon went for a hike/walk up a large hill located in Zizkov. The view was really nice and expansive. If the weather hadn't been so damn cold I probably could have stayed all day.
The spot on the Hill (the very top) is also home to the largest horse-riding military statue in europe...of course it was covered up, I guess it was being cleaned or something. I definitely want to go back there on a clearer day, it was so pretty!

After that I wondered down around the train tracks of Haladni Nadrazi and that was cool too. they still use really old trains here, kinda like the ones in The Darjeeling Limited. they have compartments within each train car for four people to sit with the sliding doors, so cool! You can take a train to Berlin for fairly cheap...I might try and do it :)

Anyway it was really freakin cold, so just went back home after I felt like I couldnt be any more frozen.

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